With the holiday season quickly approaching, you’re likely about to start your gift shopping! Some people are easy to shop for, but you might struggle to choose what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, especially if he’s the kind of guy who already has everything.

If you’re stumped on what to get for him, we’ve compiled some gift basket ideas to inspire you this Christmas season! Here are six Christmas gift basket ideas for your boyfriend:

Idea #1: Pamper Basket

Who said guys don’t like to be pampered? With a pamper gift basket, you’ll be able to treat him to some nice, relaxing products. First, grab some skincare products to include. If he doesn’t already have a skincare routine, this is a great way to try out some different products. If your boyfriend is sporting a beard, you might also want to include some facial haircare products in the Christmas gift baskets.

Next, include some handmade soap with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter. Some hand and body lotions in Christmas scents will help him get into the Christmas mood while protecting his skin from cracking in the cold December weather. Finally, you can include a leather toiletry case for him to keep his bathroom essentials in whenever he travels.

Idea #2: Barbecue Basket

Is your boyfriend a master at the grill? A barbecue gift basket is a perfect choice! Of course, you’ll need to include some meat rubs for him to try out next time he grills. Make sure to include his favourites and some new flavours to try. Next, buy cool barbecue gadgets that streamline his grilling process, like a Bluetooth meat thermometer or a grilling basket for small foods like wings.

Look for a fun branding iron he can use to put his mark on his grilled creations. You could even commission a custom iron with his name! Finally, no grill master is fully dressed without an apron! You can get a generic apron with a funny grilling slogan on the front, or you could opt for a customized apron.

Idea #3: Mental Health Basket

Winter can be difficult for many people: it’s cold and dark, and people spend most of their time inside. If your boyfriend is prone to the winter blues, try giving him a mental health basket to encourage him to take care of himself! This basket can include a diffuser and some essential oils, which can help create a relaxing environment.

A journal is a great gift to help him keep track of his thoughts. You can include some books about dealing with mental health conditions to help him gain more understanding and some coping strategies. Of course, include some yummy treats like cookies or chocolate to top off this basket.

Idea #4: Car Guy Basket

Is your boyfriend a mechanic? Or just into cool cars? Either way, this car-themed gift basket will be a hit. First, grab some car wax and a polishing mitt to encourage him to keep his car as shiny as possible. Does he have a favourite car air freshener scent? This is the perfect opportunity to gift him some of his go-to scents and some new ones! Be sure to include an emergency roadside kit if he gets into trouble on one of his many driving adventures.

If he has a project car that’s sitting in his garage, you can gift him a luxury car cover to keep it free of dust and other scratch-causing debris. Lastly, include a gift card to a local auto parts store to help fund his next car modification or repair.

Idea #5: Sport’s Basket

Does your boyfriend watch every single game when his favourite team is playing? Gift him a basket with his favourite team as the theme! This basket works whether he’s into hockey, basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport! If you’re into baking, bake some cookies or cupcakes and decorate them in your man’s favourite team colours. Include a t-shirt or jersey with his favourite player’s number and last name.

Any other memorabilia you can think of would work for this basket. Think like phone cases, posters, beer glasses, etc.! Finally, if it’s feasible in your situation, try and score tickets for both of you so you can catch the next game together!

Idea #6: Beer Basket

If your boyfriend is a beer lover, he’ll love this beer gift basket! Check out some local breweries in your area to include in the basket. It’ll give him something new to try while supporting small businesses! Be sure to include some of his favourite beers as well.

Personalized beer glasses with his last name will be great to use when he has friends over. You could include a “beer journal,” where he can record different brews he tries. Lastly, include a fun item like beer socks or a novelty bottle opener!