What goes into a memorable wedding event? In a word: planning. After setting the wedding date, everything that follows requires meticulous planning. At the back of your mind is to have an event that the bride and groom, and the guests, will remember for a long time.

Pulling off a successful wedding event is not a walk in the park. The planning involves many details, some of them seemingly minute but with significant ramifications. To have a wedding that both you and your guest will enjoy, you need help. A significant aspect of your planning is to reserve your event rentals ahead of time. However, hiring a wedding event rental is a process fraught with many mistakes, which you should do your best to avoid.

1. Late Ordering of Wedding Rental Packages

To rent a wedding tent, place your order as soon as you know the number of people to attend. By this time, you should also have settled on the venue. When you book your rental items on time, you can rest easy and concentrate on other more important tasks. If you leave it until late to book the wedding rentals, you may fail to secure them, especially during summer when the demand for rental items is highest.

2. Ordering Insufficient Items

When ordering rental items, order slightly more to cater for potential unexpected and uninvited guests. While at it, order enough chairs and tables. A last-minute order may not only be costly, but you might also get items that do not match.

3. Poor Planning

Make sure the rental company understands how important it is for the items to arrive on time and in the expected condition. You should also agree when to return the rented items to the company. Should your event take a bit longer than anticipated, find out if there are extra charges for the extended use.

4. Working with Multiple Vendors


Having to coordinate multiple vendors for various rental items is a logistical nightmare that could easily compromise your big day. It is best to hire a vendor with most, if not all, of the rental items you need. This makes the process of hiring rental items easy. You also stand better chances of getting great discounts.

5. Hiring Inexperienced Rental Companies

To avoid unpleasant surprises, only work with reputable companies with credible experience behind them. Their advice on the best wedding rentals is invaluable as you prepare for the big day. They will recommend the best tables, chairs, tents, etc, to complement the rest of your wedding theme. Besides, they will work with your budget to recommend a rental package that will nonetheless live to the billing of your event. Since they have done this many times before, they know exactly what to recommend based on your brief.

6. Single Sourcing

Since you are operating on a tight budget, you need a rental company with the best services within your budget. For this, you need to request quotations from at least three companies and then decide which one meets your requirements. Single sourcing may not only result in high prices but also a poor service. Visit a number of wedding rental companies and get quotes for the items you intend to rent, and then decide. Once you have analyzed the quotations, settle for the most competitive company with the best service.

Having a professional wedding rental company to take care of essential rentals for your wedding leaves you to concentrate on the most important aspect of the day: enjoying yourself. However, getting the right rental company does not come by chance. To get the right fit, avoid the above five event rental mistakes most people make.