Every store holds many products, some even hold over 10,000 products in one location. Because of this, packaging design is of the utmost importance for attracting a customer’s eye among the other options. There are some tricks to getting a customer’s attention through packaging, five are discussed below.

1. Be Transparent

As everyone has probably experienced first-hand, advertisers tend to depict a product in the most perfect, but unrealistic, way possible. You may buy a snack because the packaging makes it look delicious, although, when you open the package you find that the snack actually looks nothing like the packaging. If this has happened to you, you likely know how frustrating it can be and never wanted to purchase that product again!

By displaying the product in a way that is better than it actually is, you’re misleading and disappointing the customer which will have a negative impact on your company in the long run. To avoid this from happening, be honest in your advertising through packaging.

More often than not, customers know that if something costs very little, it will not be the greatest quality. Customers don’t mind this, so long as they know what they’re buying. The being said, there is a bit of balancing act that has to be done, you want to display your product in an appealing way without being too optimistic or misleading.

2. Simplicity and Clarity

The packaging of a product should easily demonstrate what the product is for and what the brand is. Customers shouldn’t have to look too hard to determine what your product is for, otherwise they may get frustrated and move on. Also, your brand should be easily identified and provide a clear message to the customer as soon as they take a glance.

Customers typically only spend five seconds looking at a specific product on a shelf. This means that your packaging should be able to communicate what the product is and what the brand is in this time or less. To best do this, avoid flashy yet uninformative packaging, excessive information or packaging that conflicts with what the product is or the brand.

3. Uniqueness

With the vast array of products out there, uniqueness and authenticity are important because it is what makes your product and brand have memorability. It is challenging to give advice on how to be unique because the practice requires exploration and creativity, especially in a world that is already filled with branding and appearances.

To get some inspiration started, look at rival brands or other industries packaging styles and techniques. This is useful for getting ideas but also not being too similar to something that is already out there.

4. Transferability

Chances are you aren’t trying to package only one product, you may have a product line. To make your life easier, the packaging should be transferable to all products that you intend to package without extensive alterations.

Not only is this advantageous for packaging of multiple products in a product line, it will also help existing customers easily spot out your product or brand. Customers like familiarity, if they can’t identify different products of the same product line, they won’t purchase as much.

5. Practicality

While looks and aesthetics are definitely important, so is the practicality of your packaging. In fact, if your product is handy and useful for the customer, chances are your sales will increase.

This is where you can really think outside the box with packaging because most overlook the practicality. Many default to the traditional ways of packaging, but if you can be the one to create something innovative, you will surely reap the benefits.