You need eavestroughs on your home and while they may look all the same on every house you have ever seen, there is actually a lot that goes into choosing them. The following are the most important factors to consider when having eavestroughs installed on your house.

1. Size

When it comes to having eavestroughs installed on your home, you need to be aware of the size of your home This factor will largely guide what you get installed and will guarantee you get what you need.

The bigger your home is, the more rainwater it will catch and need carried away to prevent leaks and flooding in the interior. Therefore, the size of the eavestroughs you get installed need to match your house size. If it is bigger, get eavestroughs that are bigger because they can hold more rainwater. If the house is smaller, you can get away with smaller gutters that will probably cost less.

2. Roof pitch

Even if you think the pitch of your roof is not steep, rain flows quickly down on every type of roof. When it does, you want to guarantee you have the appropriate eavestroughs to carry it away.

If the pitch of your roof is smaller, you can probably have an eavestrough installed that is not as deep which may save you some money. However, you still want to make sure it is big deep enough to take care off excess rainwater.

This is especially true if you reside in a country with a climate that typically has heavy rains. If the pitch of your roof is noticeably steep, you need to go with an eavestrough as deep as possible so they are guaranteed to hold the rainwater that will flow off.

3. Material

While eavestroughs may look the same, the reality is there are many different types on the market available manufactured from many different materials.

Aluminum is probably the most popular type of eavestrough. It is lightweight yet strong and not as many joints are required. Copper has the same features as aluminum but is a little heavier and can have a more rustic appearance as the elements tend to weather it. Plastic is easy to work with but tends to crack and sag more when compared to other materials.

Finally, cast iron is the heaviest of all of the materials used. It is durable but often needs refinishing to look aesthetically acceptable.

4. Appearance

The main objective when having eavestroughs installed is getting some that will keep your house from leaking and flooding by taking rainwater away from it. However, you still want them to look good or your house will appear unsightly and stick out.

When choosing eavestroughs, consider factors such as the colour of your roof, siding, and any window casings. This will ensure you choose a colour of eavestrough that matches the other parts of your house. An eavestrough that is off-colour and does not match will make your house clash and will decrease its curb appeal.

5. Company reputation

When having eavestroughs installed you need to do your research and choose a reputable company to do the job. Otherwise, you will end up being upset and disappointed with a job that is not done correctly.

Before settling on a company, research them online and read reviews from people who have hired them. Also ask for recommendations from family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Choosing a company with the most years of experience will demonstrate a commitment and ability to serve customers and meet their needs.